Petz Nursery - DS

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Used video game in very good condition.  Comes with case, artwork and cartridge. Case, artwork and cartridge may have some wear as it is a used item.   Game has been tested to ensure it works.

PETZ: NURSERY lets players play parent to a wide variety of baby mammals, from traditional pets such as Jack Russell terriers, Siamese cats, and golden hamsters to more exotic animals, including pandas, leopards, and polar bears. Animals begin life being fed by a bottle, which players must tip at just the right angle via the touch screen and stylus, and taking rides in a cart, which players pull and maneuver, trying not to spill their young and vulnerable passengers. Other activities include grooming, which involves picking bits of mucous and wax out of your animals’ fur coats, bouncing a balloon back and forth, and trying to get your pet to react to your movements by tapping an on-screen button. Players can also take photos and upload them to, as well as receive newborn animals from other Petz games, including Petz: Dogz Talent Show.