Codename Kids Next Door Operation VIDEOGAME – PS2

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One day the KND are playing a videogame. While Numbuh 2 gives Numbuh 1 a training simulation helmet, which according to Numbuh 2 “a numbuh one size fits all.” Then, the Toilenator shows up and ties up the rest of the team, while Numbuh 1 thinks this is a simulation, not the real thing. So after he defeats the “simulated” Toilenator, he decides to throw him out the window, which he also thinks is simulated. After Numbuh 1 frees the team, and they inform him that the Toilenator was, in fact real, Numbuh 86 reports. The most dangerous villains the KND has fought have escaped from the maximum security prison at the KND Arctic Base. Numbuh 86 states that while she would normally get the other KND sectors to help out they are all at the beach and so Sector V is tasked with recapturing the villains and taking them to their even more maximum security prison on the dark side of the moon. She also mentions that Gramma Stuffum has taken over the Sprinkle Puff Donut Shoppe and is filling the donuts with liver and spinach creme Numbuh 1 decided to go after Gramma Stuffum and assigns Numbuhs 2,3 and 5 to track down the other villains while leaving Numbuh 4 to guard the Treehouse (a role in which he’s not happy with). Numbuh 1 makes his way through the Sprinkle Puff Donut Shoppe through a giant oven, a giant fan, a river of dough, and finally confronting Gramma Stuffum and her Chuck Wagon in her lair. After he defeats Gramma Stuffum Numbuh 1 gets a call from Numbuh 4 (who really needs the toilet) informing him that the KND Treehouse is covered in snot. Numbuh 1 is convinced that all the snot means the Common Cold has invaded the treehouse. He informs all of Sector V that the treehouse is under attack and Numbuh 5 heads back to stop him meanwhile a mysterious person steals the engine core from the Chuck Wagon.


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