Frogger The Great Quest – PS2

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The object of the game is to lead Frogger across the Third Kingdom, which is filled with evil creatures and insects in search of the Princess of his wishes. There are many user interactions in the game that gives hints and tips on how to complete each level. There are a set amount of coins and gems to collect in each level for a bonus score (optional), and special stones that will allow Frogger to use special abilities. Frogger has a few different attacks, which consists of a melee attack, and a ranged attack which he will spit green guck from his mouth. It also features neat jumping physics. Upon pressing the jump button, if you press it again and hold it, Frogger will blow up his cheeks and slowly glide to his destination, this is efficient for getting from a high ledge, lilly pad, cliff, etc. to a lower one. Frogger can also swim in this game.


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