Goblin Commander: Unleash the Horde – PS2


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Set in a fantasy land of Ogriss far away from the other races, a human sorcerer named Fraziel set out to create what was currently only known as the “Great Machine”. In order to build his device, he conjured up goblin servants, each faction forming their own clan under each moon. First was Grommel (the protagonist) of the Stonekrusher clan, under the white moon Froxx, to serve as miners in the deep caves. Second was Grax of the Hellfire clan, under the red moon Heelinx, to harvest wood in the forest. Third was Faine of the Stormbringer clan, under the blue moon Trist, to channel lightning in the mountains. Fourth was Syst of the Plaguespitter clan, under the green moon Phoust, to farm in the marshes. Fifthly (and finally) was Naxus of the Nighthorde clan, under the purple moon Farthis, to scavenge ancient battlegrounds.


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