Haunted Mansion – PS2


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In this game, the player’s aim is to travel over 27 room levels as the main hero Zeke. Along the way, the player must capture 999 ghosts in each level. It came armed with a magical lantern called the Beacon of Souls to shoot the enemies without being hit. If Zeke tried to lose his bravery health meter after he is getting a single hit by the enemies while the player keeps an eye out on the picture of Zeke’s facial expressions, he will “die” to lose his life rather than he has a few more of his lives whenever the player collected all ten deck of cards to gain an extra life. Soon enough, if the player loses all the lives, it’s officially a “game over” and you have to start all over by loading the saved game data. The player also moves about the mansion environment, solves puzzles and restores light to rooms. The game features 24 unique puzzles, a dozen enemies and 20-plus ghosts recognizable from the ride.


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