Ten Pin Alley 2- Gameboy Advance Boxed

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Boxed game with original case and manual. See pictures for details on condition.

Bowling game that offers two gameplay options: you can either practice  with up to three other players on the same system, or head into a  tournament layout for competition against three other computer  opponents. Players have the choice of eight different competitors and  four different alleys. Ten Pin Alley 2's gameplay is a four click  affair: first, mark the spot on the lane you want to stand. Then, watch  the aim arrow bounce back and forth on the alley. Hit the button again,  and set the power of the throw. The fourth button click sets how much or  little a hook you want to throw. Released on a 32 megabit Game Boy  Advance cartridge, the game was based on the cell phone game of the same  name.