Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker - PS1

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In the mid 21st century, Bruce Wayne, has retired from crime-fighting and the last known sighting of Batman occurred over twenty years ago. But evil never rests in Gotham City. Now a menacing street gang known as the Jokerz terrorises innocent citizens. But when the Jokerz burglarise several computer operating systems for high-tech components, Wayne suspects someone else is the mastermind behind their schemes. Wayne reluctantly agrees to let his new teenage protégé Terry McGinnis, the new Batman, investigate the recent chaos. McGinnis is barely on the case when Wayne is nearly killed by The Joker at a shareholder meeting at Wayne Enterprises. How could The Joker, the seemingly immortal Clown Prince of Crime, still be alive and stronger than ever? The secret rests in what transpired the night Batman fought The Joker for the last time. Now it's up to you to avenge your mentor before The Joker's last laugh is on you. Cased Ver. may or may not have manual. Cases may have wear and tear as it is a used product. Game may be original or Greatest Hits Version